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  • Tax Topic - Projecting Taxes

  • Tax Topic - Projecting Taxes

    No one likes being surprised with a large IRS bill at tax time or surprised by a bill at all.  Some of us, are also wanting to make sure we avoid paying too much throughout the year. 

    Does your tax preparation method include Tax Planning??  With a few pieces of information, we can quickly determine where you are currently in Tax Year 2017.  We can point out what needs to take place to get you where you want to be.

    Thousands of dollars could be saved in many cases.  Tax planning becomes increasingly important if your income varies throughout the year or if you own a business.  Changes could be made very easily with regard to your expenses and deductions, but also to the recognition of  your income and business structure.

    Call us to schedule a tax planning appointment now - we're here to help you avoid any tax surprises.  

    Jordy Bernhard | 06/19/2017

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